Gran Canaria

The third largest island that is a great place to bring your best birdwatching binoculars in the Canary Islands is Gran Canaria. In size only in third place, but probably the most unusual of the Canary Islands.

It starts with their appearance, looks from the air, looks like a volcano and is almost circular with a diameter of 45 kilometers and does not stop at the climate. There are no less than 14 microclimate zones here, and from the mountains in the interior of the island several barrancos (dry valleys) can be found all the way to the coast.

Cacti on Gran Canaria

In the sometimes extreme rain showers, these fill with water and turn into raging torrents. Tourism here is well developed. There are attractions with hotel complexes, shopping malls and restaurants.

Many tourists spend a few warm weeks here in winter, because even then it is pleasantly warm on Gran Canaria, so the Canary Islands are also referred to as the Islands of Eternal Spring. The Venice of the South can be discovered here in Gran Canaria. In the south of the island is the small fishing village of Puerto de Mogan.

Here, some creeks lead inland and the many narrow streets are reminiscent of Venice. To take in the many different impressions of the island, it is best to explore them completely. Here you can see such stark differences in nature, that one believes to be spread over several continents.

So you can find the dunes of Maspalomas in the south of the island, if you think the sea away, you feel like in a desert. The west coast, however, does not have beach, here you will find yourself on a cliff where.


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